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Sometimes even the simplest tasks can frustrate your website build process, adding un-budgeted time and slowing your creative flow.

This is something I ran across this week when I went to implement a simple Mailchimp subscribe form on a Joomla site…

In honour of Consumer Day we've just rolled out some sweet Black Friday deals you won't want to miss.

Were you sitting on the fence? Now is the time to act with 50% off all Joomla templates until Monday! Discounts are applied automatically at the checkout, so there's no need for a coupon, but hurry these deals are strictly unlimited!!

Grid systems. Every framework today has one, but they are frequently over-specified, overly complex and totally inflexible.

Joomla's default grid, from Bootstrap, is no exception so we've created something better.

With 101 ways to improve site speed achieving perfection is hard. Focus on the easy wins and get the biggest improvements with the least effort.

In this post I'll run through the steps I took to cut page-load from ~200KB to 117KB in under one hour with a few template tweaks and without touching images. Easy wins don't come easier than these.

Welcome to Joomlanauts, a new kind of Joomla template shop. As the first blog entry, an introduction seems like a good place to start…

Joomlanauts was conceived by me, Seth Warburton (battle-hardened Joomla designer, with the scars to prove it!), with a single lofty ideal; to create the best darn commercial Joomla templates available anywhere.

You've probably noticed that Joomlanaut templates are priced higher than our competitors. We've good reasons for that.

In this post we'll explain the reasoning behind our comparatively high prices and why we think that higher prices benefit you as much as they do us, because we want to be as up-front as possible with you.