Advanced, responsive, typography and classic lines, Fotofit delivers a perfect reading experience on any device.

Content first, user first

Free from design distractions and code-bloat, Fotofit was created to ensure that your content will always shine, front and centre, putting the needs of your users first.

With a proportional, rational, grid that is exceedingly lightweight, intuitive to use and scales perfectly to fit its environment your content will look great anywhere, on any device. Fotofit is shockingly fast and contains several unique features:

  • Incredibly lightweight, at under 90KB.
  • Responsive typography that scales with viewport.
  • A content-focussed reading experience.
  • Consistent vertical rhythm courtesy of the Lobotomized Owl selector.

Core Joomla, set free!

Everything you see in the demo is pure, native Joomla. Grid layouts for featured and category blogs, and other effects, are created with content overrides and css only.

A user-experience boosting override for Fotofit's contact view creates the accessible and user-friendly contact form that Joomla has always deserved, with improved semantics and sleek, functional styling.

No extensions were harmed in the creation of the Fotofit demo site.