Smart people have questions, and check things out before buying online.

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Yes. We take data security, and your privacy, very seriously. We would never share any data that we might collect with anyone, and you only ever need to provide the information required to complete a purchase, nothing more.

Our templates are more expensive than other commercial Joomla templates because they are better than other commercial Joomla templates and provide you far more value for your money.

We detailed some of the many reasons why in this blog post describing our Value-based pricing model.

No. We sell templates like they are slices of pizza. You see the one you want, pay for it and then you are free to enjoy your pizza slice. Your purchase of one slice does not entitle you to another free slice*.

*Except in the case of two-slices-for-the-price-of-one type offers, obviously.

Yes, of course. Templates use is truly unlimited, which means you can install our templates and extensions wherever you like. You are permitted to use them for both personal and commercial use and to install them on multiple domains.

While we are happy to help with minor changes, like adding/editing a few lines of Sass, for more extensive changes we do also offer full custom design and development services where we will tailor a template to your precise requirements, from just $120 per hour.

If this is what you are looking for, please send us the details using our contact form.

No, but we do provide a full demo installation of each template and we encourage you to explore it fully before purchase. Your purchase also includes access to an installable clone of that demo site, to get you up-and-running quickly.