Allow visitors to quickly subscribe to your Mailchimp mailing list with a module that's the perfect fit for your site.

A perfect fit for your template

This module doesn't load any of it's own css, so it will work out-of-the-box with any Joomla 3.x template, whether it's loading BS2, BS3, Foundation, Oneweb, whatever; it doesn't matter. It will fit your template perfectly! With module parameters that allow you to attach CSS selectors to the label and input elements, as well as the button and the form itself, you can apply your template styles to this module in seconds, without writing any css. You can choose to display the optional form fields, First Name and Last Name, or only the required email field and you can add placeholder text to any of them.

The minimal configuration, optional fields off.

Please note: This module does not load any css. The styling you see in the screenshot above is the form styles inherited from the template so when you install it, it won't look like this; it will look like your template! Good looking template = good looking module.

  • Show optional fields or only those required.
  • Define your own labels and/or placeholder text.
  • Configurable button text.
  • Attach CSS selectors to form, labels, inputs or button.
  • Html5 form validation.
  • Anti-bot signup protection.