Welcome to Joomlanauts, a new kind of Joomla template shop. As the first blog entry, an introduction seems like a good place to start…

Joomlanauts was conceived by me, Seth Warburton (battle-hardened Joomla designer, with the scars to prove it!), with a single lofty ideal; to create the best darn commercial Joomla templates available anywhere. I wanted to make it possible for people to create stunning modern Joomla sites with the levels of performance, technical prowess and attention-to-detail that professionals require, something that was almost impossible with existing offerings.

As a professional developer, with high standards, there is simply no way I could feel good about creating a website for my clients using a bloated, off-the-shelf framework of the sort that is currently very popular. Sure, they make things easy, but all of the ‘My First Website ™’ frameworks bring with them a ton of junk you don't need on a production site and leave little room for you to improve things.

2MB+ responsive sites that are touted as ‘mobile-friendly’? Give me a break.

Physician, heal thyself

I'm a great believer in making my own tools, and strongly believe that the best tools that you make yourself, but there is a lot to be said for not re-inventing the wheel with every new project, if only because of the time it costs. This is why I originally set about building my own template framework, almost four years ago, to fulfil a requirement I had for high-performance Joomla templates that could be used to build professional Joomla websites for my clients.

Joomlanauts was born from my own desire to create something better than any existing Joomla template framework. Faster, better, stronger.

Now, after almost four years in continuous development, I've decided to use my template framework to create commercial Joomla templates that suit the needs of professional designers and developers. Rock-solid code, a scalable and maintainable css framework and bullet-proof html semantics; exactly the sort of code you'd expect a professional to deliver. It's that simple.

In subsequent posts I'll be explaining more about the development of Joomlanaut templates, tips and tricks you can use to create the fastest, best looking, Joomla sites on the web and, of course, why Joomlanaut templates are worth three or four times as much as competitor templates!

Thanks for reading.