You've probably noticed that Joomlanaut templates are priced higher than our competitors. We've good reasons for that.

The first and most important reason is simply that we believe that our products are worth more than competitor products and we want our pricing to reflect that, so we chose a value-based pricing model.

We choose to compete on value.

This is very different from the approach adopted by our competitors who have all chosen relative-pricing, positioning their prices in relation to each other. They all come in at the $30-45 mark, not because their products or services are worth $30-45 but because everyone else has their pricing at that level and they have all chosen to compete on price.

Cost vs. value

The amount we are happy to pay for any product or service depends largely on it's real, or perceived, value to us. What does it offer us? With that information we can begin to make our decision and decide if we are happy or not with the price being asked.

Does a Mercedes give more value than a Ford? It will certainly cost more, yet plenty of people would choose a Mercedes if they could. If things like comfort, safety, prestige, and re-sale value are important to you it's easy to see the value of a Mercedes. If you just want something that can go from A-to-B then you will probably see better value in a base-model Ford.

Apples vs. oranges

Ford sell far more cars than Mercedes do, but not because they make better cars. Similarly, we create templates that are better built, go faster, look better and will last longer than something created on an assembly line, because our primary goal is not simply to push production costs as low as possible and sell as many copies as we can. We want to build the best.

Beyond just being better, our templates will give you something that is incredibly valuable, the most valuable resource of all; time.

You'll spend less of your time to make the design changes your client wants, or to improve performance, with a Joomlanauts template than with any other. 20-80 hours modifying a template that wasn't built to be adaptable? 40-120 hours to build your own template from scratch? Unless you rate the value of your own time at $0, you can easily see how saving a few of hours of your time is easily worth $60.

The fact that there are commercial templates out there for as little as $20 is irrelevant, they are not offering the same features and they do not offer the same value to you.